How to Run Facebook Ads in Nigeria

How to run facebook promotions in Nigeria?

Should business owners care about Facebook promotion? Yes, that’s because 80% of the world’s population now own a smart phone and 40% of that can be found on various social media platforms. Modern business and enterprises have gone digital with most CEOs seeing the need to be active on social media platforms such Google+, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and others. For small enterprises, it is even more paramount to exploit the social media goldmine, so as to keep up with giant conglomerates.


A large population can now be found on various of these platforms, Facebook alone is said to have over 2 billion subscribers and half of these check their profiles daily, great numbers for a digital marketer to work with.

Any business owner knows you should exploit potential gains when the opportunity arises because getting traffic for your services can be a hard task and what many of these social media platforms offer is a detailed targeting system where you can promote your brand and services to your ideal customers in any location of your choosing with other detailed options available.

Now, how does one begin a Facebook campaign?


Once logged in to your Facebook account, click on the top right drop down menu to find ads manager and create a business manager account, this is only available while using a desktop/tablet device.

I should mention that this is an optional step to creating ads, while you can also create ads without having to go through this step, I’ll recommend you get this done most especially for people with multiple pages or businesses as this would allow you to track your campaigns, ads and manage your pages quite smoothly but to reaffirm you don’t need this to create ads so just click on create ads to begin.

Creating a business manager throws in some added benefits

How to create an ad


Once you click on create ads in ads manager, you’ll be prompted to pick an objective from one of the options below:

• Brand awareness

• Reach

• Traffic

• Engagement

• App install

• Video views

• Leads generation

• Messages

• Conversions

• Product catalog sales

• Store visits

These options are categorized under 3 sections, namely Awareness, consideration and conversion

AWARENESS should be patronized for owners aiming to introduce their products to prospective customers, first impression is key.

CONSIDERATION helps promoters achieve leads and is most used by bloggers for traffic, clicks and engagement.

CONVERSION aims to convert leads, clicks or traffic into paying customers or sales, this campaign would usually have call to action buttons attached to them.

Pick an objective

Carefully consider what you aim to achieve from each campaign


An audience refers to a certain demographic of your choice, an example would be a beauty salon targeting potential customers, it would be more productive to target a female demographic.

Facebook offers a wide range of audience options like:

• Interest

• Gender

• Age

• Country

• Location and more

An option is available to save your audience options for later use, so be sure to use that to your advantage and try to experiment to find your optimal custom audience options.

Determine your audience

Hint: Find a niche market and attack it


Allocating a budget is almost as important as picking an audience. Here you can program how your ad runs, the time frame you want to run for and even pause it to continue at a later date. Digital marketers have deduced there are optimal days and hours to run promotions. You can decide if to engage a daily or continuous budget system.

Daily budget lets you track your ad progress daily and helps you plan a detailed financial system while

Continuous budget lets you pick a period of time, experiment with either budget and decide the best for your business.

You should also look out for scheduling and delivery.

Scheduling allows you to decide if your campaign would run continuously or immediately within a specified range of dates while.

Delivery lets you decide if you want to reach your expected target views immediate or spread it out within a specified period.

Every business has its unique parameters to succeed, I recommend experimenting to discover your optimal settings.

Allocate a budget

Hint: Spread said budget along a string of varying time frame


At this point all that’s required of you is to upload your content, these are some of the things to look out for in terms of content:

• Make your content, images or videos appealing.

• Visual ads work best(videos mainly).

• For a better reach in terms of audience, limit the number of the text on your images.

• Short text is highly recommended, say little and say it smart (max 100 characters).

• Use excellent high quality images and videos.

• Offer promos and giveaways and do so with conditions, an example would be “Like or comment and share, for a chance to win this amazing new product” (it works, I guarantee).

• Learn to use CTA (Call To Action buttons).

Stay within these boundaries and Facebook advertising would become a valuable asset to your business, now all that’s left is to pay for the ad which shouldn’t be a problem, unless you reside in Nigeria.

Remember to review your ads and make certain it appears the way you envision it.

Review your ad

Hint: Confirm the visual displays on all platforms


In the year 2015 Facebook fell under a scare by Nigerian users running ads without paying hence the ban by Facebook on Nigerian credit cards, bottom line is you can’t pay with naira cards but not to worry, there are two methods available, namely:

Dollar Cards- Some banks call them travel cards but I wouldn’t advise those, go for the tried and trusted dollar cards, getting one is quite a hassle I might add, most banks would require 2 referees and many other documentations before issuing you one and then you have to buy the dollar before paying it into your dollar account, it’s a hassle but also worth it.

PayU- A much easier option, just visit their website and subscribe although the charges it requires makes the dollar card a wiser option but this wouldn’t apply to you if you’re going for a one-time promotion.

If you manage to scale all these hurdles, nothing can stop you from promoting your brand on Facebook or any other social media platforms. Enjoy

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