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As one of the most experienced PPC agencies out there, our motto is to reduce waste when it comes to a pay per click campaign and you can only avoid such through years of trial and error which I’ll like to add we have maneuvered.

It can be quite frustrating to invest in paid advertisement on keywords you’re certain would succeed and not achieve your targets. PPC can be a tricky process that should only be embarked on by the experienced and we at Nesitek are such.

Through careful and detailed research, you can rest assured that any campaign we touch would yield results.




pay per click kaduna



pay per click processes


PPC can be categorized as a shortcut to Search engine optimization but do not underestimate it. In conclusion, a basket impersonating a bucket would be the perfect analogy to describe an inexperienced hand performing PPC campaigns.
1. Keyword Research(very important)
2. Local SEO ~ Targeting local searches are proven to improve traffic.
3. On-Page Optimization
4. Competition research.
5. Time analysis
6. Detailed campaign analysis
7. Metrics(target and budget analysis).



pay per click benefits


The benefits of PPC is immense but caution is advised as it is mostly used to augument the disadvantages of Search engine optimization.
1. Increased traffic
2. Results are almost instant and if done right will ensure increased SEO performance.
3. Gives your business added credibility
4. Modernizes your business
5. Performs relatively better compared to other digital marketing avenues
6. Provides good return on investment.
7. SEO can make you stand out from your competition.



pay per click kaduna

Today’s PPC Kaduna Campaign

Search engine optimization have become as competitive as it can get, Why is that? 10 years ago all a business had to do was show up on and customers would come running. In other words, not much effort or tools were needed but today everyone wants a piece of the cake and to get some, you’ll need to work hard.



our game plan


Our game plan

We employ efficient and modern tools and as a result achieve our expected results.

These are some of the tools we employ:-


The Best Features

Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to gain more with less.


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