5 Steps to take Before Starting a Blog

how to start a blog

5 Steps to take Before Starting a Blog

 You read so many blogs every day, and you derive so much pleasure doing so. What is more intriguing is the fact that you’re passionate about writing, and every time you read these blogs, you wished you were the owner dishing out nuggets of information to your audience. The problem is you have no idea how to hit things off. Does that sound familiar? Relax, this piece is for you.

  Here is a detailed approach if you want to start your blog, even if you’re a complete novice.

5 steps to take before starting a blog
  1. The Blogging Platform

 It is a critical decision to make. Going with a platform that is not user-friendly may jeopardize your chances of being successful, and you could struggle along the road.

 The blogging sites to use are not in want; WordPress comes handy, with two types available; choosing the one that best-fit is important. We have WordPress.com that enables you to create a blog, including domain.  This version is not recommended. Self-hosted blog can be realized us WordPress It is simple and very user-friendly—even though non-techy savvy individuals may need help setting it up at the initial stage. You’ll have to pay for domain and hosting, and nothing more than that.


  1. Go for a WordPress theme

 A WordPress theme gives you an opportunity to customize your blog, and that is possible when you use themes. There are several free themes out there—all found in Theme Directory. You can instead go for a paid premium theme using ThemeForest.

It is crucial you keep the following in mind before theme’s selection:

  • Does it have customer support?
  • Does the theme display? Can you view?
  • Can you customize to a certain level (e.g., replacing colors, widgets, buttons, navigation menu, etc.)?



  1. Domain Name Registration

  It is time to settle for a domain name. It is the URL for accessing your site—for example, www.yoursite.com. The domain registers are in their numbers—NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc. Choose the one you’re comfortable with.

 It will cost $10 to get a domain depending on the register you go with. Go for a .com domain and ensure the name you choose is not related to your business.

starting a blog
  1. Web hosting Purchase

 You have to pay for hosting of your blog even though your WordPress site comes at no cost; it is more costly than your domain. You can also leverage the sites mention earlier to get a hosting.

  1. Get a Content Marketing Plan

 This is where it gets juicy– the reason for this piece. But before you proceed further, it is important to consider the following:

  • Why do you want to set up the blog? Do you intend building an email list, brand presence or make sales?
  • Will you blog as often as possible?
  • What will be the “voice” of the blog? It could be fun and casual or authoritative.

With all that taken care of, you can start writing and delivering content that matters. A proper content marketing plan makes the entire process easy; you deliver content as specific times and for specific purposes.

 Getting started in blogging is not that hard after all; follow these steps religiously, and you’ll be better for it in the months to come. Taking that bold step is what matters.

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